First save rendering as ddf file, then create jpg using the File/export command

  1. Name and save rendering “Save portfolio as” to Client for local computer (or Documents for cloud server). Most DDO users save to their local computer.
    • Navigate to and remember folder where saved
    • You will get a Pop-up “Successfully saved”
    • May be a slight delay
  2. Then select File/export to create large jpg for email or print. Navigate to folder where you wish to save the rendering.
  3. Type rendering name, may add “x” to the file name to indicate larger size. Overwrite the “jpg” in file name. Click Save
  4. Click Ok for default image size (1333 x 1166) in pop-up window.
  5. Check in folder where saved, you should see 3 files for this rendering
    • 1 ddf file that you created in step 1 above
    • 1 jpg “name_title”. This is the small program thumbnail. Disregard this jpg.
    • 1 jpg with file name (or namex) – use this to print or to attach to an email.