The first time that you try to open/save a file, or insert a photo/fabric swatch, or export a jpg, the program will be pointing to the server in the cloud and looking for those files there.  You have to navigate from the cloud to your computer to find your files.  Once you have successfully opened/saved a file or inserted the photo/fabric swatch, or exported the jpg, then DreamDraper will remember those locations on your computer, and you won’t have to go through that navigation process again.

When you open the dialog window (either OPEN or SAVE PORTFOLIO, or INSERT IMAGE, or IMPORT fabric command, or FILE-EXPORT for creating a jpg), please follow the steps that are listed below.  The detailed steps are further below.  But in essence, the steps are:

  • Click on CLIENT (which is your computer, DOCUMENTS refers to the server in the cloud)
  • Click on your C-drive (the name ends in “C$”)
  • If you see a Network Error, it’s OK.  Just close the message and try again.
  • WAIT until the window populates, then click on USERS
  • WAIT until the window populates, then click on your account.  Typically “your account” is the name you gave your computer when you initially set up your computer.
  • WAIT and you should now see the familiar files and folders on your computer.

The detailed steps follow:

  1. Click on CLIENT.  See the illustration below. CLIENT points to your computer, whereas DOCUMENTS points to the server in the cloud.  At this point, WAIT and be patient while the internet detects your hardware.  NOTE:  If you see a network error message, that is no problem.  Just hit CANCEL, and try again.