DreamDraper® Measuring Forms

Measuring Tips, Forms, and Worksheets for Window Treatment Designs and Home Furnishings

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Accurate and complete measurements are the starting point for any successful window treatment design and installation. We have assembled a comprehensive set of window measuring printable forms to help save you time and avoid costly errors and repeat on-site customer visits. A format exclusive only to DreamDraper highlights the differences between window position and window size measurements. With over sixty forms included, you have access to a vast inventory of traditional to contemporary window and door styles, soft furnishings, and more.

Also included is a collection of essential work forms to help operate your business smoothly and more efficiently. From client qualification to fabrication and supplies management, save time and see time-saving improvements in all aspects of your business almost instantly. Developed by industry experts, these forms help keep your focus relevant, and are for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

Streamline your business with a one-time only $125 investment.

What’s Included?

Measuring Tips

Tips that will ensure you get all the measurements you need, the FIRST time.

Diagram of parts of the window

No need to draw every window at every consultation. Print out our pre-made diagrams with measurement areas blocked out. Cut down the time needed to measure and estimate using our measurement forms.

Soft Treatment Measuring Forms:

  • Bed
  • Sink Skirt
  • Tablecloth—Square/Rectangle
  • Tablecloth—Round/Oval
  • Tablecloth—Half Round
  • Dressing Table
  • Cushions
  • Parsons Chair—Slipcover

Client/Workroom/Design Forms:

  • Consultation Data Form
  • Consultation Worksheet
  • Client/Fabrication Worksheet
  • Fabrics & Trims Worksheet
  • Hardware Worksheet
  • Supplies Checklist

Window Styles

  • Double Hung
  • Double Hung—Transom
  • Double Hung—Pair
  • Double Hung—Pair/Transom
  • Double Hung—Pair/Arch
  • Double Hung—Pair/Eyebrow
  • Double Hung—Pair/Eyebrow/Palladian
  • Double Hung—Angled
  • Double Hung—Triple
  • Double Hung—Triple/Eyebrow
  • Double Hung—Quadruple
  • Basement—Crank
  • Basic Picture
  • Basic Picture—Six Pane
  • Basic Picture—Transom
  • Basic Picture—Triple
  • Basic Picture—Triple/Palladian
  • Basic Picture—Triple/Transom
  • Picture—Side Casement
  • Bay 1
  • Bay 2
  • Bow
  • Corner
  • Circle Top Arch
  • Half Arch
  • ArchArch—Palladian
  • Specialty—Picture/Arch
  • Picture—Triple/Arch
  • Triple Arch
  • Arch— Elliptical
  • Arch—Elliptical/Palladian
  • Full Wall—Angled Top
  • Florida Style—Transom
  • Florida Style—Sliding Glass Door
  • French Door—Single
  • French Door—Single/Sidelights
  • French Door—Single/Sidelights/Eyebrow
  • French Door—Double
  • French Door—Double/Transom
  • French Door—Double/Sidelights
  • Gliding Door—Double
  • Back Door
  • Glass Door
  • Specialty—Arch
  • Specialty—Oval/Round
  • Specialty—Geometric/Gothic
  • Shower—With Double Hung Window

Visuals sell. Show your designs before clients buy.

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