BREAK-APART™ Technology

Mix and match components exactly as you want.

Only DreamDraper gives you the option to work with either full designs or design components – that’s because all of our designs are created with our exclusive BREAK-APART™ technology.

BREAK-APART™ technology gives you the freedom to quickly search our Design Library 2 ways – by design or component – and choose the most appropriate style for your client’s home!

Only DreamDraper gives you complete freedom and the choice to…

  1. start designing with one of our finished BREAK-APART™ designs – hundreds are included!
  2. or build your own creation from scratch using our vast library of components – 4,000 to choose from!

Then, with just one click on our exclusive Gold Buttons Gold Buttons ,” display all of the individual components of that design for ease of customization – or, with just one entry in our Search function, display all designs or components in a particular category – for example, M’Fay, swags, or bedding.

DreamDraper is the only software that allows you to search for both full designs and individual components – you have complete freedom over what you can create for your clients! Either way, nothing could be faster or easier for you to mix and match for unlimited creativity.

Sharon Greiner
Homestyle Interiors

“I live to play with my DreamDraper. I love it! It’s put me on another level… Just showing my potential customers what we can do, impressed them so much that they signed up for in-home consultations on the spot! Our program has taken me from low-tech ‘sketch and show’ to credible and professional illustrated presentations.”

How does it work?

Whether creating fabulous elevation drawings or sketching floor plans, look in the preview window (see the illustration at left) and spot the Gold Buttons Gold Buttons located in the corner.

Just browse through the design library, find the design of your choice, click on the Gold Buttons and – VOILA!

As shown at left, the browser will display all components that make up the design, including other style variations and any hardware or trim.

Where applicable, the Preview and Browser windows will also display pattern, hardware, or trim company information, and other descriptions for your convenience.

Remember, Gold Buttons Gold Buttons . Make sure to always look for them when browsing through Hard Treatments, Soft Treatments, Furniture – even our Space Planning templates! When searching for sofas and chairs, check out our “sets.”

The Gold Buttons Gold Buttons , along with DreamDraper’s exclusive Search and Favorites features, make finding your designs and components a breeze!


In addition to our finished BREAK-APART™ Designs, DreamDraper comes with a comprehensive library of components for all your needs. Choose from literally thousands of individual swags, cascades, panels, finials, shades, accessory pieces, and more!

Remember, only DreamDraper gives you the choice!

Gold Buttons Hundreds of finished BREAK-APART™ Designs

Gold Buttons Thousands of components

Visuals sell. Show your designs before clients buy.

Affordable Subscription Plans – $49/month* or $499/year

*plus initial set-up fee of $60.00, minimum 3 month initial term, then month to month