Design With Confidence.

How much easier would it be to design or sell your ideas if you could see them beforehand?

DreamDraper is the only software to integrate intricate window treatment designs with Space Planning and Room Elevation functionalities. These features allow you to plan and share your designs in the most realistic way possible. Show clients exactly how their home will look and quote a price on the spot!

Kathryn Brown
Meier Brown Design

“I presented my first design today and sold it on the spot. It was more than what the client wanted to spend, but she loved the design so much she said she’d do whatever it took to get it.”

The easiest and most comprehensive visualization program around.

DreamDraper has hundreds of window treatment designs and thousands of design components. These – combined with generous collection of hardware, trim, and embellishments – inspire creativity and help you up-sell. Also, our software makes it easy to create beautiful, realistic, to-scale designs with ease and total customization.

Click images below to view examples:

Design On A Photo

No matter the angle of your photo, you can easily adjust your design to match. Our perspective and free-distort tools let you angle and resize assets so you can make the most realistic render possible.
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Room Elevations

Scale and height are essential to get right in a render. That’s why DreamDraper allows you to create original room elevations, letting you to replicate your client’s walls perfectly.
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BREAK-APART™ Technology

DreamDraper’s ability to create custom window treatment designs is unmatched. Our BREAK-APART™ technology lets you focus on individual parts of the window treatment, allowing you to easily modify all parts of it to your liking.
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Space Planning

Need to plan out a space? Using DreamDraper, you can get so much more than a simple black-and-white floor plan. You can fully incorporate your design by putting in color, fabric patterns, texture, and room amenities – all to scale.
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  • Thousands of design illustrations to choose from and customize.
  • Fabric visualizer lets you put any vendor’s fabric onto an element and see exactly how it will look – texture, color, and pattern.
  • Position treatments behind furniture in seconds with our unique photo cropping capability.
  • Add furniture, fabrics, and accessories from virtually any vendor website without unwanted backgrounds.
  • Access from virtually any computer or tablet.
  • Print and email renderings to clients.
Bonnie Greco
B. Greco Window Designs

“DreamDraper allows me to conceive and create designs that would be impossible to produce by hand! It paid for itself several times over in my first sale!”

DreamDraper’s unchallenged customization features

  • Organization – All components for a design or pattern are found in one area – no tedious searching through clip art!
  • Search – Unique to DreamDraper, you can quickly find your designs and components with a key word or pattern number.
  • Gold Buttons – You can view completed designs for inspirations and break them apart by component. From there, you can customize it on your own, easily creating designs with your personal touch.
  • Rename – Customize DreamDraper’s library of treatments with your own names.
  • My Favorites – Create a “favorites” section to cut time spent searching for your most used designs.
  • Your Name Here – Add your company name and logo to any design!

Check out our Showcase Gallery to see what other designers have created with DreamDraper!

Easy to learn

Don’t worry about the learning curve. When you get DreamDraper, you also get our quick reference guide, a valuable resource for both new and experience users. The guide helps you design faster and teaches you to use DreamDraper to its full potential.

  • File organization
  • Basic commands
  • Toolbar functions
  • Design Library
  • Break-Apart designs
  • Scale
  • Working with color and fabrics
  • Importing fabrics
  • Furniture and accessories form the web
  • Space Planning
  • And more!

This guide is also available as a searchable PDF along with a massive library of recorded webinars and tutorials. All these materials are available at any time on our website for free!

Visuals sell. Show your designs before clients buy.

Affordable Subscription Plans – $49/month* or $499/year

*plus initial set-up fee of $60.00, minimum 3 month initial term, then month to month