Designing On a Photo

DreamDraper further innovated window treatment design software by introducing the concept of “designing on a photo,” which allows you to demonstrate to a client exactly how your window treatment design will look in their home!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Take a photo of your client’s room or window to use as a virtual canvas.
  2. Using DreamDraper, design the window treatment directly on top of the photo (as shown in the top, center image below).
  3. Add colors, fabrics and textures (as shown in the lower left image below).

Amaze your clients with a finished treatment that looks just like your DreamDraper rendering!

Design On a Photo with DreamDraper


Is furniture in your way (like the sofa shown below)?

Use DreamDraper’s photo crop functionality to quickly reposition the treatment behind furniture. No other software is required!

Another innovation from DreamDraper!

Photo of client's bare window Treatment Rendering Before Photo Crop rendering after photo crop