Designing On A Photo

See exactly how your window treatment design will look

DreamDraper further innovated window treatment design software by introducing the concept of “designing on a photo,” which allows you to demonstrate to a client exactly how your window treatment design will look in their home!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Take a photo of your client’s room or window to use as a virtual canvas.
  2. Using DreamDraper, design the window treatment directly on top of the photo
  3. Add colors, fabrics and textures

No matter the angle of your photo, you can easily adjust your design to match. Our perspective and free-distort tools let you angle and resize assets so you can make the most realistic render possible.

Sharon Greiner
Homestyle Interiors

“I live to play with my DreamDraper. I love it! It’s put me on another level… Just showing my potential customers what we can do, impressed them so much that they signed up for in-home consultations on the spot! Our program has taken me from low-tech ‘sketch and show’ to credible and professional illustrated presentations.”

Is furniture in your way (like the sofa shown below)?

Use DreamDraper’s photo crop functionality to quickly reposition the treatment behind furniture. No other software is required!

Visuals sell. Show your designs before clients buy.

Affordable Subscription Plans – $49/month* or $499/year

*plus initial set-up fee of $60.00, minimum 3 month initial term, then month to month