Space Planning

Another amazing function of DreamDraper.

Create a floor plan in DreamDraper or design on a blueprint……then add custom pieces!

'Great Room' Space Plan by Linda MannherzClick on the space plan at right to enlarge and view in greater detail >

Unlike other software, DreamDraper includes space planning functionality – at no additional cost!

Complement your window treatment designs with stunning room layouts using DreamDraper’s space planning module. No more plain black and white builder’s drawings! Add pizazz and impress clients with comprehensive room plans complete with colors, textures, and fabric patterns – and all to scale.

Space Plan Designed on a Blueprint by Jamie GibbsDreamDraper has hundreds of furniture and accessory templates for every room – including appliances, fixtures, rugs, windows, doors, fireplaces, plants, staircases and more. All of these can be easily re-sized and re-positioned to represent exactly the perimeter of a room and the furniture in it.

Like all of our exclusive designs, these space planning templates are hand-illustrated by professional artists for an exquisite, natural look.

Simply use your mouse to easily position and re-size furniture. Move furniture with your mouse – not your muscle!

< Click the image at left to enlarge and view in greater detail!



Create attractive custom client proposals detailing each room and associated costs:

(Click on the image for a larger view!)

Sample Client Proposal Created with DreamDraper - by Linda Mannherz

More examples of beautiful DreamDraper Space Plans…click on each one to enlarge and view the detail!

Space Plan by Jamie Gibbsspacer-large3 Space Plan by Linda Mannherzspacer-large3 Space Plan by Lee Ann Reedspacer-large3 Space Plan by Lee Ann Reed (2)

DreamDraper Space Planspacer-large3 Space Plan by Lee Ann Reed (3)spacer-large3Space Plan by Linda Mannherz (2)spacer-large3Space Plan by Sharon Greiner