Occasionally DreamDraper program has a hard time finding a printer that is on your network when selecting “Print”, but you can still print your design quickly and easily.  You can create a jpg image of that canvas instead (and then print the jpg).  That would be the FILE-EXPORT command.  If you are unfamiliar with the FILE-EXPORT command, the directions for creating a jpg using the FILE-EXPORT command are below, where you can create a large, high-quality jpg:

  1. With the DreamDraper program open, please make sure that your design is visible on the canvas and then click on FILE-EXPORT.  This will create a high-quality jpg, which you will be able to email or print.
  2. A pop-up window will appear where you can designate:
    • The folder where you want to save the jpg.  Please navigate to a folder on your computer where you want to save the jpg.  I strongly recommend that you create a special folder used only for the exported jpgs, called something like “DreamDraper jpgs to email” because every time you do the File-Export command, the DreamDraper program will remember that folder, and you won’t have to navigate between different locations and accidentally grab the wrong image.  The folder should be on your computer (and not in the cloud on our server.)
    • Then please name the jpg something unique, so that you can easily find it (when you go to attach it to an email or print it).  HINT:  If you create a special folder as described above, to be used just for the jpgs to print or email, then there shouldn’t be any confusion.
  3. Click on SAVE and a smaller pop-up will appear, which will allow you to alter the size of the jpg.  We recommend that you just use the default settings (as shown in the illustration below), and just click the OK button. You will have a large, high quality jpg suitable for printing or emailing.  This command is illustrated in the video tutorial.  This is also described in the Quick Reference Guide, page 34. You can also view part 3 of one of our webinars here.
  4. Then navigate to the location on your computer where you saved the jpg, and attach to an email (or print out the jpg).  HINT:  The program automatically creates a small thumbnail jpg of every canvas in your portfolio file.  That small thumbnail jpg is used by the program.  Please make sure that when you create your jpg that you want to print out (or email), that you specify a UNIQUE filename for your jpg and that you remember the location where you saved it.  This will ensure that you do not get it confused with the small thumbnail jpgs that are automatically created by the program.  If you save your jpg to a special folder as described above, then you won’t get your jpg that was created with the FILE-EXPORT command confused with the small thumbnail jpg that is created by the program.

Also please note that the printout that you get if printing out the jpg will be virtually identical to the printout that you would get by using the PRINT command.