Follow these directions to create a Ripplefold Panel

  1. In DD design library, select hard treatments/vertical blinds
  2. Size to approximate desired length, can also zoom out to make larger if desired
  3. Ungroup, move top rail away from blinds
  4. Apply color or fabric pattern to blinds
  5. Ungroup blinds design to show individual blinds
  6. Select (highlight) alternate blinds, 2,4,6, etc. using shift key
  7. Open Properties window, use opacity slider to reduce opacity on alternate selected blinds to simulate folds
  8. If using track-mounted, group all blinds and place track back onto top of blinds, add color or texture to track
  9. If using rod-mounted, select rod and place on top of ungrouped blinds
  10. Select all alternate darker blinds, 1,3,5, etc. using shift key
  11. Delete selected blinds, then hit undo so these blinds are replaced on top of rod, then group
  12. To show a closed stack, resize horizontally to compress
  13. To show partially open panels, group compressed panels with open panels