From time to time when a user opens the “launch.ica” file to open up the DreamDraper Online program, their computer will try to open up something else (such as Internet Explorer or the Adobe Reader).  Here are the steps to associate the “launch.ica” file with the correct file on your computer, so that DreamDraper Online will open.  The step-by-step instructions are below.  The file that you are searching for is wfcrun32.exe.  That file is located in the ICA CLIENT directory.  So you have to tell Chrome (or Firefox, whichever browser you are using) to open the launch.ica file with wfcrun32.exe.  The instructions below will do so.

To open DreamDraper Online using the CHROME (or Firefox) browser, follow these steps:

  1. In the browser, log on to the DreamDraper Online website with your User Name and Password.
  1. Click on the DreamDraper Online icon to launch the program.
  1. The “launch.ica” file will download, and please select the SAVE option if prompted.
  1. Open the folder that contains the launch.ica file (normally it will be in your DOWNLOADS folder).  RIGHT-CLICK on the launch.ica file and choose the OPEN WITH
  1. You will see a selection of programs or apps (applications), but scroll down until you see an option to search for the correct app, as described in the next step.  That “search for the correct app” link is all the way at the bottom of the dialog box.  It (Citrix Manager) may not be listed, you will have to find the exe file.  (FYI, there is a chance that the Citrix Manager will be listed, and if so, click on that, in which case you can skip to step 8.)
  1. When you search for the correct program, you will have to go into the ICA Client directory, instructions are listed below.  The directory is located here — C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\ICA Client Make sure to look under the Program Files (x86)  People will sometimes make the mistake and look in the Program Files directory, but you must go into the one that has the x86 in the directory name.
    • Look on your C: hard drive
    • Go into the Program Files (x86)
    • Within Program Files (x86), you will see the Citrix
    • Within the Citrix directory, go into the ICA Client
  1. Once you are in the ICA Client directory, then choose the exe file. Once you have chosen the wfcrun32.exe file, then Chrome (or Firefox) will be able to successfully launch DreamDraper Online.
  1. Try to launch DreamDraper Online again (from your browser), and it should open up.