Follow these steps to launch DreamDraper from an iPad

  1. From the App Store on your iPad download the “Citrix Workspace App”.  (The Citrix Workspace App will be used to launch DreamDraper Online on the iPad.)
  2. Once it has been installed, then open the Citrix Workspace App.
  3. Tap button “Add Account”
  4. In the address field that appears, type in
  5. You will need to input the following 3 fields
    1. For Username:            type in your user name
    2. For Password:             type in your password
    3. For Domain:                type in designmanager
  6. Tap save
  7. The following steps are optional:
    1. “Add your Favorite Apps” appears with an arrow point to a “+” sign on the left. Tap the “+”.
    2. Add DreamDraper to favorites by tapping the plus sign on the right next to the icon
    3. The icon will go to the favorites screen and you can open it there.

You will launch DreamDraper Online from the app.