If DreamDraper Online cannot find your computer when you are trying to insert a jpg image (photo or fabric swatch), or you are trying to save a file to your computer, then there can be 1 of 2 problems.

When you click on the CLIENT button to access your computer and the dialog window is blank, please be patient and WAIT.  It can take several seconds for the program to detect your hardware through the internet.  If after waiting and the window remains blank, then you might have to grant permission for the program to access your computer.  This is described in the next step below.  (Remember, CLIENT points to your computer and DOCUMENTS refers to the DreamDraper server in the cloud.  If accessing your computer, you would click on CLIENT, C-drive, USERS, and then your account.)

To grant access for DreamDraper Online to access your computer, please do the following:

In the System Tray or System Taskbar of your computer, you need to locate the Citrix Receiver.  It is the black round icon (with the white semi-circles) that is shown in the illustration below.

Right-click on the black Citrix Receiver icon, and choose the CONNECTION CENTER option.

The CITRIX CONNECTION CENTER window will open up, which is shown below.  Click on PREFERENCES.

Make sure that the READ AND WRITE option is selected, and click on APPLY if necessary.

Then you should be all set.  In order for the program to find your files on your computer, please make sure to follow the steps that are listed in the email called “Finding your files / Saving your files.”  In summary, you will have to click on CLIENT, then your C-drive, then USERS, then your account, after which you should see your familiar files and folders.