When you try to import a jpg (photo or fabric swatch) and the DreamDraper program just shuts down, the following tips will help.

  • Resave the image as a PNG file, using photo editing software such as Photoshop or Paint.  If you are on a Mac and using iPhoto, then export your photo as a PNG.  That should work.
  • The other thing that you may have to do is resize the photo if it is very large (over 4000 pixels wide).

Below are the detailed instructions that may help. 

  1. Your original photo may be very large.  We have occasionally seen this symptom (where the program shuts down) if the photo is over 4,000 pixels wide.  If you resize it smaller, that might help.  Typically if I have a photo that large, I will take it into something like Photoshop and just resize it smaller, usually something like 1,500 pixels wide.  This may solve your problem.  If not, please read further.
  1. In addition, you may experience a problem if the jpg image that you are using was taken with an iPhone or iPad.  There is a slight difference in how Mac products create/store jpg images versus how some Windows products do.  So not only if you resize your original image smaller, but resaving it will eliminate that compatibility issue.
    • If you have Photoshop, I use the FILE – SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES command (after I have resized it smaller), and I save the image as a JPG.  See the illustration below. (If you still have a problem, then save as a PNG.)

    • If you are on a PC and you don’t have Photoshop, then you can use the PAINT program.  See the illustration below.  In Paint, click on the RESIZE icon.  See the illustration below.

    • You can see below that the original image in the example was 4032 pixels wide.  Just change the width to something smaller, like 1500.

    • Then use the SAVE AS option, and save the file as a PNG (not a JPG).  See below.


  • If you are using a Mac and your photo is stored in iPhoto, then use the EXPORT command and resave your image as a jpg (or png).

As a tip, you should RENAME the image when you are resaving it.  I will usually just append a number or letter to the end of the original name, to keep it unique.