TURQUOISE: Color of the Year

Turq Armchair

Move over Mimosa Yellow. Turquoise is in town.

Yes, turquoise has been anointed as the color of 2010, most notably by eminent color-pickers Pantone.

Pantone picks their colors more scientifically than others; but it seems they’re not the only ones who have decided turquoise will be popping up everywhere this year. Many have settled on the color more subjectively. After all, turquoise has always fascinated people, from being a fashion theme to having deep cultural meaning.

Turquoise represents both reality and mystery – like the ocean and the sky. Turquoise as a stone has been used for protection and warding off evil spirits; many cultures from distant parts of the world have traditionally found a protective, healing quality to the stone.

Vintage ChairBest of all it goes with almost everything; I dare you to think of a color that won’t look right next to turquoise in some capacity. (Even Mimosa Yellow looks great!) But especially attractive pairs include neutral colors (for a splash of fresh color), browns, reds (think: redwood) and, in the line of upcoming fashion trends: yellow-green.

The color really is what you decide to make of it; is it part of an elegant design, or a funky design? A Southwestern or European interior? Modern or Victorian? No limits here.

Wooden Chair On BeachIf your clients are looking for a place of relaxing sanctuary this year, some turquoise in your design might just help. It’s calm, like many blue tones, yet exciting and unique, like many green tones. As Pantone put it, “turquoise transports us to an exciting, tropical paradise while offering a sense of protection and healing in stressful times.”

Can you feel the breeze from the beach yet?

Unless you’re looking for a really loud design, bright shades of turquoise are used quite well as an accent color – this is how they really shine the most. Because it’s so great as an accent color, it’s great to consider the happy hue not just for window treatments but also for smaller pieces, like those found in our Bedding and Furniture Collections. Use it to brighten, freshen, renew – or invoke a cool, breezy ambience (outdoor furniture, anyone?).

Decorative PiecesSo, what will you do with turquoise this year?  Share your ideas with us and our community of designers!  We love learning from each other, and feel inspired by the creativity of our customers.

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Have a bright and creative 2010, everyone!

– Carolyn Meitzner, Marketing & Communications


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