Turquoise Revisited

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Pantone_15-5519_TCXIn this follow-up to our popular March article on Turquoise [#15-5519 TCX], Pantone’s selection for Color of the Year 2010, I’d like to showcase some fascinating ways that designers and DreamDraper users have highlighted this vibrant color in their designs.

By the way, having trouble describing a color precisely to a client? On location and looking for a perfect match? Check out Pantone’s apps available for iPhone and iPod. Access color libraries, build color palettes, and automatically match colors. Wonderful for on the go (dare I say, as a companion to your DreamDraper Online?).

Vase_AccentsAs a bright, exciting color, turquoise is of course used more and more for accent pieces. Our last turquoise post had an image of interesting turquoise decorations that would surely spark a conversation. The image pictured at right from Robyn Karp Interiors’ Deco Journal is a great example of how two simple turquoise vases can truly make a room.

One of our Facebook fans, Carole Willard, commented “We are painting adirondack chairs turquoise to go around our outdoor fire pit!” This is a fantastic idea! What a way to relax.

All_WallsTurquoise is also making an appearance as an accent wall – a bold choice, but the perfect choice for the right client. A turquoise accent wall is fun yet classy. All 4 walls of a room in turquoise can work, too, as demonstrated by the bold room (left) featured in Jenny’s Little Green Notebook blog. Turquoise can even work as an all-over color, done right; case in point: the BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman, designed by Kelly Wearstler. Blogger Erin of House of Turquoise has compiled quite a collection of everything turquoise, including some very interesting, completely-turquoise rooms.

Turq_Patterned_ShadesTurquoise is also an increasingly popular textile color theme – especially in bedding, upholstery, and YES – window treatments! Pictured right are some shades made of fabric with a Victorian turquoise pattern, featured on Momoy.com.

So get designing! And share with us the stylish ways you use turquoise in 2010.

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Looking forward to your creativity!

– Carolyn Meitzner, Marketing & Communications



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