Realistic Draping of Fabric Patterns

The following illustration was submitted by Jeanne McDermott, via our xChange online support forum. Jeanne’s method is simple, yet the impact is stunning.

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1“I just wanted to share a before and after rendering I recently did for a designer. I created several renderings and the fabric ultimately chosen was a plaid by Calico Corners for Kingston valences and panels.

We both agreed that the rendering just did not truly represent how the fabric would fall for a Kingston. I played around with DD and the final result I think is great.

I manipulated the colors/shapes in the valance to give the feel of real movement and increased the scale of the plaid too. I was even able to change the placement of the colors in the valance to make sure the red stripe was on top.

When I finished this I really felt good about using my DreamDraper!!”

How did she do it?

“I added the plain valance drawing and scaled it on the picture. Then I copied it.



2With the copy I played with creating four shapes – one on top of the other. They look like point to point swags. Used the Bezier Curve tool.

Then I added the colors (in the order the designer wanted) from the panels that had the actual face fabric imported.

I then put the plain valance back over the shapes and increased the stroke width to bring out the lines.

P.S. a tip – I saved a copy of the valance in a separate file called “Kingston Template” so the next time I can just pull this up and just fill with color.”

– Jeanne McDermott

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Belmont, MA

Thank you, Jeanne, for a fabulous DreamDraper tip! We love it!!



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