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Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about – and from – our wonderful customers. It’s so inspiring to learn what designers have done with the DreamDraper and Quick Quote software, and hear their client success stories.

2009 IWCE DemonstrationDreamDraper is a valuable design and business tool – but it has also proven to be the key to client relations, a point of communication with a network of professional in the industry, and the beginning of friendships.

We still recall the beginning – when software for designing window treatments and space planning was simply nonexistent. And as we continue to develop our products and hone in on what designers need, we’ve also developed an incredible, talented community of DreamDraper users. One of the best ways to learn and grow as a designer or workroom professional is getting together with your peers, whether face to face or online.

One of the first ways we brought our customers together was through the xChange online support and discussion forum – which continues to thrive to this day. Our PictureTrail of photos is particularly popular!

**See below for specific instructions on getting signed up for the forum and setting your computer to visit daily!

More recently, we’ve also created spaces to communicate with our customers via social networks…

  • You should follow us on Twitter! We tweet daily about the industry, DreamDraper news, and little tidbits to wet your appetite for design and be inspired by what other designers around the world are doing.
  • You should also find us on Facebook and become a fan! Check in for information, photos, event announcements, and of course – fun conversation!

If you haven’t already, check out the blog on our recently redesigned DreamDraper.com website – new posts are added every week! You’ll find instructions and case studies on neat ways to use DreamDraper and create even more fabulous renderings, tips for improving your business, and more.

Of course, as always, we welcome questions and content suggestions from everyone. After all, we want you to get the most out of being a part of the DreamDraper community! Just shoot us an email at info@dreamdraper.com . Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Getting on the xChange:

A great place for visitors to start on our xChange is this post by our moderator, Ann Johnson, as she explains ways to maximize your use of the forum. The forum is constantly developing valuable archives of DreamDraper instructions, creative uses for DreamDraper, and pertinent industry discussions on marketing, fabrication, vendor sources, etc.

Just one minute of your time now will allow you to visit the forum daily with just two clicks of the mouse! The ‘New Posts’ button searches the entire forum and brings up only those posts which you have not yet read.

Just follow these quick steps:

  • Click this link to go to the xChange portal.
  • Log in to the xChange. Type your user name and password. Before you hit enter, click on the ‘remember me’ box. Then enter. Your computer will remember you on this computer. You will not have to enter your user id or password again, unless you clear the cookies on your computer.

Remember Me Check

  • Now, click on Add Favorites or Add Bookmarks. My computer images are for a Mac. Yours might be slightly different. You can name the button whatever you choose. I chose DD xChange. Click on the drop down menu and select Bookmarks Bar to place the button. This might be slightly different on a pc. Click on Add.

Name the Bookmark

  • Your button is added to the browser bar at the top of your screen. Each time you open your internet browser, you can simply click on that button and the xChange will open. And, because you set the ‘remember me’ button, you will not have to enter a user id and password. One click and you are in the forum.

Bookmark on Toolbar Menu

  • Each day, click on your favorites button. Then click on ‘New Posts.’ The forum remembers you and remembers when you last visited. It will list only those threads that have had new activity since you last visited. That is click number two. You do not have to search the forum – we do it for you! Usually, there are only one or two threads to review and you are on your way.

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