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The new and exclusive capabilities of the DreamDraper G5 Gold edition make it even faster, easier and more versatile. You’ll quickly appreciate the greater efficiency and customer impact through fewer steps, fewer clicks of the mouse, and even more design freedom! Now is the time to step up and take your business to the next level with DreamDraper G5 Gold!

Plus, another benefit of upgrading is that you will be able to download any of the current or future add-on design collections directly into your design library!M-Estrada

TKO™: Total Knockout Removes Multiple-Color Backgrounds

TKO Total Knockout Example - Removing Multiple Color Backgrounds in DreamDraperIn 2007, DreamDraper first introduced the color knockout tool, allowing you to incorporate photographic images of furniture and accessories into your design and knockout the background color with a single click of the mouse.

With the new TKO™ Total Knockout tool, we’ve made this function of the software both easier and more comprehensive in ability! Now, you can remove multiple colors from photographic images and control the transparency level of each color, all from your DreamDraper design canvas.

Multiple-Color Background Removed from Piano Image Using DreamDraper

As shown above, our TKO™ tool allows you to remove multiple colors from a photo and specify the amount of each color that is removed (transparency level). TKO™ gives you total control and offers you more realistic results when including photographic images of furniture and other accessories in your rendering. The result is shown at left. Use the Eyedropper tool to quickly remove all unwanted colors from the image. Another innovation from DreamDraper!


Free Distort: Freeform Skew

Using the Perspective ToolThe DreamDraper G-Series has always given you the ability to transform a design from a straight front-on view to a perspective view using the Perspective Tool, which allows you to simultaneously and perfectly control the degree of perspective by “turning” the design to fit any window, side wall or corner window.

Using the Free Distort ToolThe G5 Gold release includes a new Free Distort tool that allows you to asymmetrically change each and any side of the design, independently. The illustration at right shows how the upper left corner of the window treatment was skewed downwards using the Free Distort tool, without affected the other three corners of the design.

The new Free Distort tool allows you to skew any corner of a DreamDraper design in any direction – upwards or downwards, inwards or outwards.

DreamDraper G5 Gold gives you both options – simultaneous skewing with the previous Perspective tool or asymmetrical skewing with the new Free Distort tool! Use them independently or in conjunction with one another. Nothing could be easier for creating and perfecting designs shown on side walls, corner windows, or bay and bow windows.


Enhanced Right Click

The Right Click feature has been enhanced to now include access to all commands located in the top toolbar, as illustrated below. Just select an object on the canvas (such as the swag section of the window treatment shown below) and right-click with your mouse to have easy access to commands:

Enhanced Right Click Example

Quick Fill™: Fill with color, fabric or textures with a single click!

With the G5 Gold edition of DreamDraper, you can fill your design without having to switch to the Custom Fill Mode (second arrow)! You still have access to the advanced second arrow feature if you want to fill a specific part of a design without ever having to ungroup it!

Ease of Use: Enhancements reduce # of steps or mouse clicks!

With G5 Gold, we’ve streamlined the program to eliminate unnecessary steps and mouse clicks on many commands.

  • Design Library – new “go back” feature to return to the previous location when searching for designs
  • Enhanced Search - to be quicker, more flexible and easier to use
  • Expanded Edit Preferences – now you can specify to use the SHIFT or CTRL key to size objects proportionately or draw perfectly straight lines

QRG_CoverQuick Reference Guide

All DreamDraper packages now come with our new Quick Reference guide, a valuable resource for both new and experienced DreamDraper users to help them design faster and benefit from the full capabilities of the program.

This easy to follow guide is also available by itself for $49 – FREE SHIPPING! Click here to purchase

Topics covered in this comprehensive illustrated guide include file organization, basic commands and toolbar functions, Design Library, Break-Apart designs, scale, working with colors and fabrics, importing fabrics, furniture and accessories from the web, and more!



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