Bedding 1 Collection

bedding-1-collection-designsThe Bedding 1 Collection is an add-on set of beautifully detailed bed ensembles and furniture components that can be added to your DreamDraper software Design Library.

Hundreds of design elements are part of the bedding collection – including headboards, canopies and coronas, bedskirts, bedspreads, pillows, and much more – all of which can be viewed front-on or in perspective.

This collection expands your design library with 50 designs, all created with our innovative and exclusive            BREAK-APART™ technology. This allows you to ungroup components of bed ensembles, basic pieces, pillows, furniture and accessories – so you can be sure to please your clients with limitless design options!

Upon purchase, designs download directly into your G5 Design Library. Learn more about the Design Library. All new downloads of add-on design collections can be applied only to the most recent release of the DreamDraper® program (Gold 2.x).

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